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107 cm x 107 cm x 3.5 cm

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.


"All for you" is a captivating abstract painting of swirling fluidity, transporting viewers to a tranquil dreamscape that invites introspection and contemplation.

Neutral earthy tones take center stage, with peach and soft pink merging and blending organically. Wisps of color gracefully meander across the composition, creating a serene atmosphere. 

Touches of yellow ochre and burnt sienna brown add warmth and depth, grounding the ethereal tones. These earthy shades establish a profound connection to the natural world. Reflective metallic gold accents catch the light, infusing the piece with opulence. Like scattered stars, these golden studs embellish the canvas, adding a touch of celestial allure. The interplay between metallic elements and soft, earthy tones creates a harmonious contrast.

"All for You" masterfully captures the fluidity of its medium, embodying a constant sense of motion and energy. Its swirling forms and ethereal patterns invite personal interpretation, allowing viewers to find their own meaning within the artwork.

All for You

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    The painting will be carefully packed and shipped to you via courier. Delivery can not be made to PO boxes.

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