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Rachael Higby

Fine Art


My Story

Rachael Higby is an abstract artist living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Working with acrylic paint and a variety of different mediums including pouring medium and high flow acrylic ink, she specialises in high impact, vibrant, modern and colourful abstracts. Rachael’s work is fluid, organic and intuitive. She nudges, coaxes and directs the paint, as well as letting it flow to create beautiful, balanced artworks that have a vibrant sense of movement and life. There is a little of the chaos of the universe channeled into every piece.

As well as abstracts, Rachael produces bold, thickly textured florals and nudes. 

If you see something you like that has sold, or you have something particular in mind, please get in touch to commission a piece.

For shipping to addresses outside Australia please shop through Bluethumb.

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Paul Klee

"Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet.”



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